30th March 2018

Surabaya Visit and Project Meeting in March 2018

Dr Zhiming Yuan and Dr Wendi Liu from the UoS team visited Indonesia on the last public engagement and workshop of the SUVESIN project during the 26th and 30th of March 2018.

On the morning of 26th March, Dr Yuan and Dr Liu visited Dr Ir Wasis Dwi Aryawan, the head of the department of Naval Architecture & Ship Building Engineering of ITS. They reviewed the strong historical links between the two departments as there are lots of Strathclyde graduates in the ITS especially in the department of Naval Architecture & Ship Building Engineering. They also discussed the ongoing agreements of the student exchange program, the potential joint project opportunities and other potential collaborations between the two departments in the near future.

The public engagement workshop of the SUVESIN project started at 10 am on 26th March. Around 30 participants attended this workshop with a majority of undergraduate/postgraduate students from ITS. Prof Eko Budi Djatmiko gave an opening speech of the workshop. Dr Wendi Liu gave a 1-hour presentation entitled “Overview of the Newton Fund SUVESIN project”. Questionnaires were delivered to all participants regarding to their opinion and comments on the SUVESIN project. These questionnaires show a 100% satisfactory of the SUVESIN project. All participants think that the SUVESIN project was successful and helpful for research capacity building in Indonesia. They all agreed that the outcomes of the SUVESIN project were useful and have the potential to contribute to the economic development and social welfare of Indonesia. Dr Yuan delivered a presentation on the information of the Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering of Strathclyde University, includes the location, staff members and research topics. He further gave a guest lecture on his recent research entitled “Sustainable island development in the UK and Indonesia”. With this workshop, the SUVESIN project team delivered the outcomes of the SUVESIN project to the local stakeholders to reach to a higher impact as proposed in the schedule. The outcomes of these questionnaires also show a good result from the stakeholder. We also received lots of useful comments on this project for further development of the project outcomes as well as further collaboration opportunities.

In the noon of 26th March, Dr Yuan and Dr Liu visited the prototype bamboo boat at ITS. The bamboo boat was coating during the visit. The ITS team planned to conduct anti-foiling painting for the underwater part of the boat in the following days before putting it into the water.

In the afternoon of 26th March, Dr Yuan and Dr Liu visited the Pt. Dumas Tanjung Perak Shipyard, who is one of the local stakeholders of this project. The business scope of this shipyard includes shipbuilding and ship repair for the ship local owners. It was one of the most productive shipyard in Indonesia. Four ships were under construction during the visit. The cutting-edge devices were equipped onto these ships. It was a great opportunity to share the outcomes of the SUVESIN project and seek further potential collaborations between this most successful shipyard and the project team.

On the morning of 27th March, Prof Eko Budi Djatmiko and Mr Imam Baihaqi from the ITS project team presented the current status of the demo bamboo to Dr Yuan and Dr Liu. By the end of March, the mainly part of the bamboo boat hull has been completed. In the next step, the bamboo boat need coating activities, building two-frame cupboard in the upper deck near the bow and build a soft roof for sailing. The construction of the bamboo boat has been published in the high level local magazine, newspapers and other press media. The project team intends to host a launch event for the bamboo when it ready. The writers, city/state government and external partners will be invited to this event.

From the afternoon of 27th March to 29th March, Dr Yuan and Dr Liu carried out recruitment activities by discussing with the local potential students and discussed the potential collaboration topics with the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Universitas Indonesia (UI) and Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB).

The team would like to express their sincere thanks to their Indonesian partners for their hospitality and well-thought-out visit programme, as well as to the Indonesian students for their great interest in the guest lecture by Dr Zhiming Yuan. The team look forward to further collaboration in maritime and marine technology.

30th March 2018