Report Deliverable D1

This report is the first key deliverable for the present project. The topic of this report is Gap analysis, which defines the needs and requirements of different stakeholders including the findings of field studies and defining initial design specifications. In this report, traditional Indonesian Phinisi ship was identified as a good case study to investigate and optimise in terms of hydrodynamic performance, operability and life cycle assessments. We also find that environmental problems especially for deforestation and illegal logging have a significant impact on Indonesia which influence the price of the traditional raw material (solid wood) for the ship building industry. Therefore, ITS proposed bamboo as an alternative material for shipbuilding industry in Indonesia. We also locate the skill gaps, safety operation and decommission and recycle gaps for Indonesia. All of these issues have been addressed and aligned into specific Work Packages of this project in the first report. This report provides a guideline for the further research and investigation for the present project.

This report reviewed the up-to-date researches and literature in the relevant area of the present project. The gap between the latest research and the need of stakeholders in Indonesia has been identified. It provides a detailed direction to the future research of this project which aimed to solve the problems and modernise the ship-building industry in Indonesia. It can enhance the living standard of Indonesian, who are living in the archipelagic state.


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