Report Deliverable D2

This report is the second report which is an outcome of the Work Package 3. In this report, the identification of renewable raw materials, and development of improved construction framework has be carried out. A comprehensive study on the utilization of laminated bamboo as an alternative material for construction of fishing vessel by the method of cold press planking system (CPPS) has been conducted, and delivers some conclusions on the detail tests.

One of the primary contribution come out of this report is results of the analysis on the strength and durability of laminated Ori and Betung bamboos in the seawater environment as an alternative material for fishing vessel construction. Elaboration on the advantages and drawbacks of laminated bamboo slats is expected to enrich scientific and practical knowledge in fishing vessel building, through the revelation of distinctive production method as well as the economic considerations. This is a great achievement for the local economy since it proves the possibility of usage of the laminated bamboo slot in the shipbuilding industry.


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