Report Deliverable D4

It is essential that a fishing boat demonstrates high performance, even in adverse sea and weather conditions, and ensures the comfort of fisherman and the safety of cargo. A fishing boat’s operability can be defined as the percentage of time in which the fishing boat is capable of performing his tasks securely. In order to calculate a fishing boat’s operability index, many key parameters are required. These include the dynamic responses of the fishing boat to regular waves, the wave climate of the sea around the fishing boat’s route (East Java in this case), and the assigned missions of the vessel.

In this Deliverable D4 report, the operability assessments of the original East Java Fishing Boat (EJFB) and the roll-stabilized-EJFB have been carried out. The procedure to calculate the operability index has been presented using seakeeping analyses. A discussion of the sensitivity of the results relative to the bilge keel is then given. The effect of seasonality on a EJFB estimated operability is also investigated using wave scatter diagrams.


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