4th August 2017

Surabaya Visit and Project Meeting in July 2017

Professor Atlar and Drs Demirel, Tezdogan and Kurt from the Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering (NAOME) visited Jakarta and Surabaya from Monday 24th to Thursday 27th July 2017.


On the first day, our team visited the Ministries of Research, Technology and Higher Education & Marine Affairs and Fisheries, as well as the British Council Indonesia Office in Jakarta. The team were particularly happy to see so many Strathclyde alumni working at high levels for the Indonesian Government as well as for ITS. During the meetings at the ministries, discussions were held on the current problems that the country is facing in maritime as well as on the Government’s subsidies to support maritime and fishery activities in Indonesia.  The other topic discussed was the Indonesian Government’s initiatives towards the socio-economic development of Indonesia’s small islands. At the meeting with the local British Council office, the upcoming Institutional and Researcher Links calls were discussed along with the current Newton-Ristekdikti Doktoral Scholarship Programme in Maritime and Marine Science (Indonesia/UK). The British Council representatives also informed the team of the next educational fair to be organised in Jakarta.


The Strathclyde team spent their second and third days at ITS in Surabaya for our Newton Fund project meeting and a series of collaborative activities involving a meeting with the Rector and the management team of ITS.


On the second day of the trip the project workshop took place at ITS with participation from local boat builders. The Strathclyde and ITS teams subsequently presented the results obtained from the project work packages. Following each presentation, feedback and Q&As from the audience were taken. The team particularly appreciated the feedback and suggestions from the industry representatives. At the end of the workshop, the next work packages as well as joint journal publications were thoroughly discussed. It is also important to note that the project teams have agreed to build the prototype of a local fishing boat from bamboo by the end of the project for demonstration to the wider academic society and public.


On the last day of the Indonesian trip, Professor Mehmet Atlar, NAOME’s Research Director, also delivered an excellent guest lecture at ITS, addressing a large group of undergraduate and postgraduate students from ITS and some other local universities in Surabaya. The guest lecture was well received by the students, ITS staff and some industry representatives as evidenced by the high turnout and interesting questions from the audience. The team stated that during their visit they received significant interest from Indonesian students and young ITS staff who wish to study at Strathclyde, particularly for MSc and PhD programmes.


The visit ended with an agreement between the two universities to collaborate in research, double degree programmes and student & staff exchange. This has been cemented further with the signing of an official memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Deans of the two Universities. The Strathclyde team believe that the visit will strengthen the links between the two universities leading to articulation agreements and joint research projects.


The team would like to express their sincere thanks to their Indonesian partners for their hospitality and well-thought-out visit programme, as well as to the Indonesian students for their great interest in the guest lecture by Prof Atlar. The team look forward to visiting Indonesia again next year and to further collaboration in maritime and marine technology.


Bamboo Boat is Under Construction


4th August 2017