Dr. Ir. Heri Supomo, MSc PhD

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Dr. Ir. Heri Supomo, M.Sc. Is a lecturer in the department of naval architecture and ship building engineering, faculty of marine technology, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya. He is also the head of the Ship Production  Technology and Management Laboratory. Heri completed undergraduate in 1987 from Marine Engineering Faculty, ITS. He continued M.Sc degree at the University of Strathclyde Galsgow, Scotland and graduated in 1992 with the thesis title of: Computer based analysis of material management in the small-medium yard of Indonesia. Doctoral program graduated in 2016 and gained clumlaude predicate (GPA 4.0). His dissertation entitled of: Study of Bamboo Use as an Alternative Material for Fish Ship Building Materials with Cold Pressed Planking System Method. Dr. Heri has conducted several studies related to his profession as an expert of material, production technology and management related to ship. His research focuses on environmental sustainability and renewable material resources to build ships. He is also a member of SIDI (Small Island Development Iniciative) team from ITS Surabaya starting 2014 – now. In addition Dr. Heri also serves as a consultant team for the study of tradisional shipping safety in Indonesia – assignment by the Ministry of Communication – the Republic of Indonesia;  the members of the Preparation and Procurement Of 3500 Fishing Vessels – assignment by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries – the Republic of Indonesia, Advisor to the Fishermen Community Association of Indonesia (HNSI). One of his articles which is selected achieving the Distiction Medal from RINA is Flexure Strength Analysis of Laminated Bamboo Slats (Dendrocalamus Asper) for Constructing Small Fishing Boat Shell.