Dr Rafet Emek Kurt

Personal Page

Dr Rafet Emek Kurt’s principal research interests lie in the field of human factors in the maritime domain. He has investigated the effects of noise and vibration on human performance and developed a human response model for noise and vibration levels on-board ships. His research interests also include design, optimisation, operation of ships, by considering the human factors in the core of the subject.

Besides his main research area, he has also been actively working in the area of ship recycling. For 8 years he has been working in this area and contributed the development of tools, models and training tailored for the unique needs of the ship recycling sector. He is also involved in following EU funded ship recycling projects; FP7 DIVEST Project, LLP Ship DIGEST Project and LLP Boat DIGEST Project. He is also actively attending IMO MSC and MEPC Meetings.

In this Project, Dr Kurt will be the main applicant from United Kingdom. Dr Kurt will also contribute to provide practical information for the operation about loading conditions, stability and vessel behaviour through developing training modules.