Prof. Ir. Eko Budi Djatmiko, MSc, PhD, FRINA

Personal Page

Prof Eko Budi Djatmiko is a lecturer and superintendent of the Offshore Hydrodynamics Laboratory at the Department of Ocean Engineering (DoE), Faculty of Marine Technology (FMT), Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Surabaya – Indonesia. He completed his undergraduate degree from the Faculty of Shipbuilding & Engineering ITS in 1983. Pursued further studies at the Department of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering (NAOE), Glasgow University, Scotland, earned his MSc degree in 1988 and PhD degree in 1992 after submitting the thesis entitled “Hydro-Structural Studies of SWATH Type Vessels”. Upon his return to ITS in 1993 Prof Djatmiko has been engaged with various studies, researches and professional services related to design, hydrodynamics and structural analyses of ship and ocean structures. He has also held responsibilities in a number of university management, ranging from Head of DoE-ITS in 1993-1999, Head of ITS Marine Research Center in 2000-2003, Deputy Dean FMT-ITS for Student Affairs in 2003-2007, ITS Vice Rector for Cooperation Affairs in 2007-2011, Dean of FMT-ITS in 2011-2015, and Chairman of ITS Sustainable Island Development Initiatives (SIDI) in 2014-now.

His achievements as a professional ocean engineer may be shown by some of the following activities. Member of the Team for Ship Stability Evaluation, an assignment by the Ministry of Transportation (MoT) – Republic of Indonesia (RI).Team Leader for the Design Review and Verification of the Belanak FPSO, an assignment by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MoEMR) – RI in collaboration with ConocoPhillips Indonesia Inc Ltd. Team Leader for the Design Review and Verification of the West Seno TLP, an assignment by MoEMR – RI in collaboration with Unocal Makassar Ltd. Member of the Technical Committee of Indonesian Bureau of Classification (BKI). Member of the Independent Team on Oil & Gas Safety Monitoring, assignment by the MoEMR – RI. Member of the Preparatory Team for the Procurement of 3,500 Fishing Vessels, an assignment by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MoMAF) – RI. Team Leader for the Roadmap Development on the Implementation of LNG as Alternative Fuel for National Marine Transportation, an assignment jointly given by the MoEMR and MoT – RI.

Prof Djatmiko is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (FRINA).